kylie skin moisturizer review

We tried everything from Kylie Jenner's new skin care line, Kylie Skin. The Eye Cream was the product that had the least of my interest. PCG is an amino-acid derived cleansing ingredient that softens the skin, derived from coco fatty acid. The term is very up in the air as we don’t know the source or how to debunk it and inevitably, skincare should always be tested properly. For me, it’s a toner and essence all at once. The “key” ingredients in this cleanser including Kiwi Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate are unfortunately at the bottom of the ingredient list which doesn’t make them main ingredients. What it does: The Vanilla Milk Toner claims to replenish the look and feel of the skin while helping rebalance its pH levels. Suited for: All skin types. Texture and scent: This moisturizer claims to be fragrance free, although contains Orange Peel Extract… Not all fragrance is synthetic. It also helps removes excess dirt, oils and makeup. This product review is centered around ingredient analysis. Was it because of the citric acid? Formulating skincare products is tough; you'll never please everyone. Squalane as a skin-strengthening oil. You should be double cleansing to properly take off your makeup. My experience: I’m really not mad about it.

But basic can also be good, and it’s good enough for me to say I enjoy the products I’ve tried. Normally, cleansers should have a pH balance of 5.5. (Caroline Hirons described the “baby” scent in such an accurate way!).

Yes, the cleanser is gentle, but the pH is pretty high. Suited for all skin types, I’d recommend the toner and moisturizer as my favourites, which I can see myself repurchasing as well.

I was somewhat interested in trying her Vitamin C Serum, but couldn’t justify buying it since I have a few others waiting for me to try at home. I really do enjoy all three products I’ve reviewed. Water and Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate are the first two ingredients in the list. This toner is alcohol free and lightly fragranced with fragrance being at the middle / bottom of the ingredient list. Formula pH level: 7.5 which is high for a cleanser. I had a feeling this would come to life one day. The cleanser is gentle enough to use morning and evening, although I wouldn’t recommend to use it to remove makeup. I’m here to review the products, not Kylie. It’s mild and non-drying. This occurs in most of the products which you can simply discover by looking at the ingredient lists. Good: Kylie launched the essential steps to a good, basic skincare routine. It’s gentle and I only need to use one pump for my full face. It’s crazy how healthy and beautiful my skin looks after using it. (Minus SPF). It has citrus notes but in my experience, I stop noticing the scent after I start massaging the cleanser onto my skin. An SPF isn’t always easy to develop as there are tons of regulations that need to pass with the FDA.

It’s gentle and surprisingly does NOT leave my skin feeling stripped or dry after rinsing it.

Like Kylie describes it, it the formula conditions the skin for a soft-to-the touch finish, without any excess oil. (I saw Kylie mentioned she’ll be working on different lines targeted towards different skin types in the future), With no expectations, it’s time to experience Kylie…. However, the world thought different.

There are natural fragrances that are irritants to the skin as well. Was it because I applied products too quickly after? I absolutely love how plump and dewy it leaves my skin. In my opinion, I’d use this as a second cleanse if you’re wearing makeup and a first cleanse if you aren’t. Some of us need an oil-free moisturizer while others like to slather their face in rich oils. The consistency and scent are VERY reminiscent of Too Cool For School’s Egg line, especially their Egg-sential Fluid Toner, which is my favourite skincare line I’ve ever tried. Suited for all skin types, I’d recommend the toner and moisturizer as my favourites, which I can see myself repurchasing as well. As she previewed the products before launching, the Foaming Face Wash, Vanilla Milk Toner and Face Moisturizer caught my eye right away. For the first few times I used it, I swiped it across my face with a cotton pad.

Skin care is extremely personal and nuanced—but the Kylie Skin products seemed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. The more I used it, the less noticeable the fragrance was which is now okay for me.

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